As some of you may already now, I am often less than impressed by the workings of Ottawa’s city council and staff. It seems to me that they take too long to make too many bad decisions. A crippling bus strike? Let’s sit on our hands for 50 days! Flooding in Kanata? We’re not legally liable! A major overhaul of an important public site? Let’s have city staffers ignore all the recommendations! Looking for a new communications person? Let’s hire someone with an EXCELLENT track record! Someone is trying to improve their life and career past the age of 27 by going to school? Let’s stretch their already threadbare budget by charging them full price for a bus pass!

Anyhow, I recently heard about a little blog posted by anonymous insiders over at City Hall. Now, this blog is currently under scrutiny as possibly being libelous (it’s quite obviously anti-mayor and it makes some very interesting comments about well-known Ottawa councillors and other public figures) so I’m not going to link directly to it…but I won’t NOT suggest that you type “zeromeanszero” followed by “.blogspot” and then “.com” into your web browser…oh, who am I kidding? Here it is.

Yay for free speech!

UPDATE: So the City of Ottawa did the right thing on Wednesday and lifted the age restriction on student bus passes but this was quickly overshadowed by the tale of a potential $36.7 million settlement for the light-rail project that this council cancelled in favour of its own plan. *le sigh*