Really nice weekend.

Joe and I are slowly boiling down house maintenance to an art form. At least in my mind, anyway. We’re both fairly neat people, although we do tend to accumulate piles of random stuff. Still, we’re able to keep a relatively neat house so it’s not too arduous to clean up before we have company. Joe vacuums and washes the floor, while I dust and sweep. I do the bathrooms and kitchen and Joe takes care of the front yard and the garbage.

I’m actually hoping to jot down a schedule of all those occasional jobs that need doing monthly, seasonally, annually, etc that sometimes get forgotten and slotting them into some kind of master schedule. But I’m crazy like that. If anyone has any suggestions of jobs that get forgotten and how often they “should” be done, I’d love to hear them!

Of course, we’ll see how well we stay on top of things when we eventually have kids in the house and/or more pets.

The reason we were cleaning up this weekend was to host a little Father’s Day get together for my side of the family. We were so excited to have everyone over as this group of family had yet to see all the renovations we’ve done in the basement (yes, final photos will be posted eventually…). I think they were all impressed and I know Joe & I had a wonderful time hosting. Lots of work, but worth it to spend quality time visiting with those we love.