Have you ever had a friend that you sort of lost touch with somehow? A postponed lunch date or an unreturned voice mail…you can’t remember precisely, but you know that you haven’t talked in weeks. You think about them occasionally when something reminds you of an inside joke or a laugh that you shared together and you swear to yourself that the next time you are near a phone or on the computer, you’d call them or email. Pretty soon weeks turn into months, and by then embarrassment and guilt start to creep in. What kind of friend am I, you think. Their birthday is coming up, you tell yourself, I’ll make a note to call them then. It’ll break the ice and then it’ll be like old times.

Then you awake with a start one night months later when you realize that not only have you forgotten your friend’s birthday, but you’ve also let Christmas go by without so much as a card. You are the worst friend ever, you tell yourself. But wait, your self argues, couldn’t your friend just have easily made the first call? Didn’t they miss your birthday too? And so you toss and turn, unable to fall back asleep and shifting helplessly from guilt to hurt, from remorse to anger.

Before you know it, you’re actually starting to avoid any mutual friends you have for fear they’ll say “Hey, have you hear about so-and-so? He/she just got married!” and then you’ll spend hours wondering why your friend didn’t invite you to the wedding. And then you’ll spend even more hours fantasizing about the fantastic dress you would have worn had she invited you so that you could passive aggressively show her up on her big day.

Having spent years avoiding your ringing phone, dodging familiar faces in the neighbourhood mall and hiding from your inbox, you finally decide that enough is enough. You just can’t live like this any more. So you pack up and move to Cleveland to start your new life.

And then one night out in Cleveland you walk into a coffee shop and there’s your old friend buying a latte. Your eyes meet and you smile.

That’s kind of how I feel about this blog. Explain that.