Quite a day yesterday, eh? I know the CBC was getting a hard time from some people about their ample coverage of the inauguration, but even the cynics have to admit – this was a day that will be a marker in history, regardless of how the next four years turn out. It will be one of those “where were you” questions people always talk about. (Me? I was at work, listening to a live stream of CBC radio 1 coverage.)

On top of that, I have a feeling that the next four or eight *fingers crossed* years will be very interesting indeed. Service. Responsibility. Faith. Equality. Strength. Peace. He touched on it all in his fabulous speech. I think it’s high time the United States had a man in charge with a strong sense of civic duty that will be able to inspire Americans to weather the times that are coming (and for many, that are already here). It may be rough, but when you have such a gracious, mindful, and intelligent person at the helm, it’s easier to see beyond the storm clouds and rough waters.

Best of luck, USA!