On second thought…perhaps my brain does need a little structure to make sure I’m on-track and being productive. Especially while on vacation. Then again, isn’t that what a vacation is for? A break from the everyday responsibilities of life and work?

But no matter! Christmas is over (*sigh*), the new year has begun and we’re all back to work and “normal” life. I still have photos to post of baked goodies along with recipes, so hopefully those will go up in the coming week. Joe and I made up cookie tins for our relatives this year and we did LOTS of recipe testing beforehand. Yummy!

And it’s also back to one of our favourite shows – the Biggest Loser! I seriously love this show. It’s motivating, uplifting, funny, educational, and something my husband and I look forward to watching every week. We even time our workouts so we’re sweating away while Bob and Jillian are screaming at their trainees. Awesome.

If you ever miss an episode, be sure to check out Television Without Pity, a blogging site that chronicles lots of different TV shows. Their writers are absolutely hilarious – especially the one that does the Biggest Loser recaps. Even when I’ve seen an episode, I always check her posts every week to get a good chuckle.