As I sat in my car this morning, crawling along Hunt Club in that extra-long commute that comes with a snow storm, I was tempted to be upset. To say “why me?” in that self-pitying way we do when the universe seems to conspire against us with a personal vendetta. But then I heard a piece on The Current about a man recovering from a traumatic injury he endured while in on tour in Kandahar.

Do you recall the story of a soldier who was ambushed at a meeting and got an axe through his head back in 2006? I remember hearing about it at the time and thinking “man, that guy’s a gonner”. Turns out, I might have spoken too soon. Trevor Greene and his partner Debbie Lepore were on the show, talking about Trevor’s long road to recovery after his brain was literally split in two. After the attack, doctors told Debbie that Trevor would never wake up from his coma and, if he did, he would surely be a “vegetable”. But the brain is often resilient in a way that defies science and today – after two years of painstaking, incremental recovery – Trevor is now able to talk and has regained the use of his arms. He even hopes to walk his fiancé down the aisle in 2010. Their commitment and spirit in the face of adversity are awe-inspiring. I seriously recommend you check out the audio clip of the show here:

If anything, it will make you feel a little less “woe is me” and a little more thankful for the life that you are living.