Ah, household chores…how I’ve missed you.

I know it may mean I’m certifiable, but I actually enjoy housekeeping. Well, I suppose I like the results more than the process – the gleaming counters, the tidy rooms, the sense of accomplishment…I love it! I’m actually reading Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook right now and I’m learning some very interesting things – like how often I should be wiping my baseboards and dusting my ceiling fan and what the technical names are for all those doohickeys that come with our vacuum cleaner. I’m such a dork!

The problem is this – I can’t seem to bring myself to do chores when my husband is in the house. I know it’s corny, but I still have that newlywed desire to just be together when we’re both home. That, and the fact that when I’m cleaning while he’s playing his video games I can get crazy and resentful. Logically, I know this isn’t justified – we’ve split the household chores fairly evenly and he often has finished his jobs by the time I come home from work, so he’s earned his break. But this doesn’t stop me from twitching each time a gun is fired on his stupid Call of Duty game and cursing our big screen TV.

And so, with Joe out at a Sens game tonight with some buddies, I’m taking the opportunity to clean the kitchen, vacuum the stairs, mop the front hall, and run a few errands. Domestic bliss at its finest.