We’re in it now!

My dad and my brothers came over this afternoon to help Joe and I strip down the basement storage room (soon to be our new home office). We discovered some pretty interesting “work” under that lovely seventies wood panelling. Check out those wires…not quite up to code, that’s for sure.

And then Joe had to saw awefully close to those wires – luckily the breaker was off at that point.

We even found blocks of styrofoam below ground level as insulation…strange.

One of the styrofoam blocks beneath the window was the safe haven of a colony of little potato bugs. Ew! Of course, I was tasked with taking that piece outside to add to our growing pile of trash:

What impressed me most about the whole process was how confident and professional my brother Russell was in leading the demolition. He’s in construction (a finish carpenter) and he’s the one who drew up the whole plan for finishing our storage room to add more usable space to our home. He’s obviously in the right field – I was so impressed at how easily he delegated and taught us how to do different things. *sniff* My little brother’s all grown up! He’s the one with the toolbelt:

In just over two hours, the demo was complete and the room is now ready to be re-framed and insulated. Hooray!