So amid all the scaling down we’re doing this Christmas, it looks like our cat will get the most expensive gift of all!

I should give some background: Joe and I have been bouncing around the idea of getting a dog for a long time. We’ve had a hard time narrowing down which breed will meet our needs (Joe wants a big dog that he can play and wrestle with and who doesn’t need an obscene amount of exercise, and I want a dog that I can control and who won’t eat children or other small animals). We’re now thinking about a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, possibly in the spring or summer of 2009.

But before we get a dog, we wanted to make sure that our cat, Tryst, would be able to adjust. We knew she would have to be able to escape whenever she wanted. So we wanted to get her a tall kitty play structure or “condo” that she could play on now and where she could eventually hide away from a nosy dog.

They have an excellent selection of kitty condos at the PetSmart on Merivale Road (near Hunt Club) – so much so that we were able to pick one to go with our decor! And here it is:

It’s pretty impressive! And she LOVES it! How cute is she?

That’s actually Joe’s pic above – he’s loving my new camera too. And here they both are:

Merry Christmas, kitty!