Sorry for being MIA for the past week. Joe and I are wading right into our home renovations and we’ve started with the downstairs office. The past few days have been all about prep (moving furniture, washing walls, filling and sanding holes, etc). The previous owners had a dart board in this room and obviously weren’t very good, so that was a big job.

But now the walls are painted and look amazing! I’ll be posting some before and after pics as soon as the whole thing is back together. We chose a neutral colour, sort of a mid-range beigy-brown. It sounds boring, but there’s a touch of orange warmth in it and it’ll look fabulous next to the deep brown laminate floors that will be going in over the winter. I’m so excited!

Because I’m a computer drone by day, it’s nice to work on something physical with your hands where you can immediately see your progress and get a sense of accomplishment. Tonight, I’ll be touching up the ceiling where I got a little overzealous with the edging brush and painting the trim (a coordinating light beige). I also have to catch up on a week’s worth of dishes and laundry that I’ve been neglecting…