What a night, eh?

I have to admit, I was enthralled by it all. The crazy-complex electoral votes process, the punditry, the shrill raised voices on The View, the debates, the campaigns, the gaffes and the speeches. Who would have thought that someone could come along in our lifetime who inspires such hope and emotion and who embodies such a positive vision of the future?

I was impressed by John McCain’s gracious concession speech. He provided a clear directive to his followers that, although he hadn’t won, he would work towards a better future with the man who had. He encouraged everyone to do the same. And I believed him.

I was moved by Barack Obama’s acceptance speech. He made it clear that he is well aware of all that his victory has meant for his country, the American people and the world. He knows the weight of responsibility that now rests on his shoulders. But he was unwavering in his conviction that although times ahead may be tough, and the road is long and uphill, America can become the country that it aspires to be.

And I believe him.