There’s something so exciting about bringing a pile of books home from the library (or from a bookstore, for the less stingy). So full of promise. All that knowledge, adventure or fun just waiting for you to discover. I usually can’t decide which to crack open first. I just want to stay in one spot, curled up with a bottomless cup of tea or hot chocolate and read them the whole way through, one after the other, forsaking all other responsibilities and reality.

Unfortunately, I do have a life to live and a writing class to go to tonight, so that won’t be possible. This is what I’ve brought home today:

1. Organizing for Your Brain Type by Lanna Nakone. I’ve been reading up on organizing styles and methods in anticipation of starting my own personal organizing business and this one puts a different spin on it. The author draws on the science of brain function and her experience as a professional organizer to offer advice on organizing by breaking the reader down into one of four “style” groups that rely on a particular section of the brain: prioritizing (frontal left), innovating (frontal right), maintaining (posterior left) and harmonizing (posterior right).

2. Greener Pastures: How to Find a Job in Another Place by Andrea Kay. Joe and I are considering the possibility of relocating in the next 2-5 years and this book looks like a great way to get acquainted with how to search for work in another part of the country. Although it’s American in origin, I’m hoping most of the lessons will be universal. It also deals with the emotional and financial issues of finding and moving to a job in another place.

3. The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes – And Why by Amanda Ripley. The author is a journalist for Time magazine who, after covering a series of devastating disasters, set out to report on human response to history’s epic disasters, interview experts about the brain and its response to trauma and fear, and undergo realistic simulations to see how she herself would respond to a crisis. Call me crazy (or perhaps a pessimist lol), but if or when an Armageddon-like disaster (natural or man-made) happens in my lifetime, I want to be prepared!

Hmm…which to delve into first? My tea’s ready, so I have to choose quickly!