So I’ve been researching the local candidates and issues for my Carleton-Mississippi Mills riding and I’m coming up a little short. I think this election has made it glaringly obvious to me that I was not paying attention in school during our civics lessons. Or perhaps they never taught us any details about the three levels of government and how each impacts policy and which ones deal with which level of issues. Either way, I think I’ll make a little note to myself to learn more about our system of government before the next election (at this rate – within a year or two lol).

What I have found are some interesting articles from the Ottawa Citizen. They rounded up all the candidates for a little sit-down discussion with their editorial board (this includes Kate Heartfield, who probably wouldn’t remember me but back in the day was my T.A. for a Journalism class at Carleton – great to see her doing so well!). You can listen to the entire hour-long meeting here: After this meeting, the Citizen ran a few articles about the “shallow talent pool” in the federal party candidates in Eastern Ontario( and how Gordon O’Connor from the Conservatives has made several political missteps over the past few years, but is still the best candidate for the job( So we know where they stand. lol

As for me, I’m still unconvinced. In fact, I’m somewhat disheartened. What happens in an election if you don’t want to pick anyone?