I remember visiting old classrooms in the past and feeling a little like Alice after she ate the cake marked “Eat Me” – ridiculously overgrown in a space that, as a child, seemed so big. Those tiny little chairs! Those wee adorable desks! The water fountain that I had to stand on my toes to reach and now only comes up to my knees!

I had the reverse experience last Tuesday when I started an Introduction to Freelancing class through the Ottawa-Carleton School Board. Walking into Brookfield High School, I was struck by how vast everything was and how small I felt. I swear those ceilings are higher than your average school. Walking along the endless hallway looking for the right room, I started to get a little nervous. I hadn’t felt that “new kid” feeling in a very long time.

The class itself was very good – a teacher who’s very congenial and obviously well-versed in the world of freelancing (it’s always nice to meet people who are actually making a living doing something I’d like to do). And the group of students is small but enthusiastic; people looking to expand their horizons and develop their creativity and talents just like I am.

Of course, with school comes homework. And I was never very good at doing homework. As I scrambled to finish up our small writing assignment before cooking dinner tonight, I realized that I’m going to have to put in a lot more effort over the next few weeks if I want to make this worthwhile. This course is supposed to be the jump start I’m looking for in my freelancing career, but it will only become so if I do the work! After all, life is not like high school – you can’t get very far by cramming at the last minute.