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There’s nothing quite so invigorating and anxiety-inducing as a blank page, so I’ll just jump right in.

I’m not quite sure how this blog will evolve, but I would like it to serve as a starting place for developing my writing career. Maybe with time, patterns will emerge and I can look back and discover things about myself that had previously gone unnoticed. But it won’t be all navel-gazing – I’m also looking to expand my community of friends and acquaintances to include bloggers and blog-readers here, there and everywhere.

And with any luck, it won’t end up like any journal I’ve ever started – the first half brimming with the earth-shattering emotional outpourings of a teenaged mind and then abandoned after a few months, left to collect dust in my basement.


Why I’m here

My name is Sonya. I live with my husband and our cat in the suburbs of Ottawa. I started this journal to document my thoughts and experiences and share them with friends, family and anyone else who happens to pass this way. My hope is that it will help to keep me focused on the simple things I value most in life and, above all, keep me writing.

Freelance Writer

I'm available for freelance writing gigs of all kinds. Please check out my Portfolio and feel free to contact me.

Pampered Chef

Please visit my Pampered Chef page for more information about how you can host a cooking show and earn free and discounted products.